Matthew 14 - The King Faces Opposition - I Pledge My Head To Heaven

March 31st, 2017

Yeshua/Jesus continues to face opposition! This time it's indirectly as a threat in the background. His relative - John the Baptist - is beheaded by Israel's Roman-placed king, Herod Antipas. Just like Yeshua, we will ALL face opposition at some time for our faith. Are you ready for it? How will you react? Listen as Pastor Jay shares insights about this passage and issues a challenge to Speak Up, Speak Out, Stand Firm, and Prepare for Push-back!

In order to hear the accompanying song to this message, search YouTube for the Keith Green song, "I Pledge My Head To Heaven."

Matthew 13 - The King’s Take On The Kingdom: Treasures, a Dragnet, and another Warning!

March 31st, 2017

What is God's Kingdom worth to you? That's the big question that faces every person on earth. When you encounter God's kingdom, either by accident or on purpose, how much will you be willing to surrender to obtain it - a little, a lot, all? The choice is everyone's! And what we decide will determine whether we make it past the final sorting process, the Judgement Day of the Lord. Take a listen to this encouraging and sobering message!

Matthew 13 - The King’s Take On The Kingdom: Mustard, Yeast, and a Warning

March 31st, 2017

(Matthew 13:31-35) In this message, Pastor Jay continues to unwrap what Yeshua/Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God using the word pictures of a mustard seed and yeast. Matthew then goes on to quote Psalm 78, which contains a warning to those who rebel against the Kingdom that is ever-expanding until the day when Messiah returns and His Kingdom encompasses the entire world.